Tour and activity supplier FAQ

+ How does OnceThere generate bookings?

We work with destination marketing organizations, visitor’s centers, hotels/resorts, and vacation rental property managers to feature your offerings on websites, inside visitor’s centers, in pre-arrival emails to guests, and at concierge desks.

+ How much does OnceThere cost?

There is no set-up cost or recurring fees. We use a pay for performance model; if we aren't delivering bookings, you aren't paying.

+ Can I connect through my reservation software?

Several reservation software systems already are integrated into OnceThere. You can verify whether your provider is integrated as you are signing up.

+ Can I participate even if I don’t use reservation software or if my reservation software isn’t integrated with OnceThere?

Absolutely. Our technology allows you to receive online bookings even if you don’t use reservation software. If you are considering reservation software, we can recommend the ones best suited to your business.

+ How do I get paid for the services I provide?

Unlike some other online distribution partners, OnceThere does not hold your money.
We direct deposit money into your bank account immediately upon charging the purchaser. Typically, purchasers are charged two day prior to the activity, although you can configure your activities to charge purchasers consistent with your current practices.

+ Can you sell tickets?

We call them vouchers. When you are setting up your activities, choose "Voucher" as your Offering Type. We don't yet have the ability to print a barcode or a ticket with a unique confirmation number - that's coming soon!

+ What if a distribution partner wants to package several tours into a single bundle?

We support bookings fulfilled by multiple operators in a single transaction. And to the extent a channel partner wants to create bundled tour or activity packages, we support each bundle as a separate activity. If you choose to participate in a bundle, you will be booked and paid normally.

+ How do I get started?

Click here to start the sign-up process. You will need: Your business’ banking information (for direct deposit), To be authorized to sign the resale agreement, The name of your reservation software provider (if applicable), and Digital photos depicting each activity. It will take about 10 minutes to set-up your account and another 10-15 minutes for each activity offering.

+ I'm working with my local Convention & Visitor's Bureau. How does OnceThere power bookings both through the website and visitors center?

Consumers initiate a purchase online by clicking “Book Now” for activities of interest. In the visitor’s center, reservation agents assist travelers with bookings or enable them to book directly using kiosks. All bookings are made in real-time to ensure accurate availability. Key details are instantly delivered to purchasers through email and SMS, your system is updated, and you receive a booking notification.

+ How will I know if I get a booking from OnceThere?

You will receive an e-mail notification when a booking is made - an example is below.

+ What confirmation(s) will my guest receive?

Your guest will receive an order confirmation at the time of booking and a text message reminder a couple hours before the tour - an example is below.

+ Why does my offering’s listing have prices and/or other information on it ? I didn’t expect that.

The channel partner knows its customers/guests best, and is best positioned to decide whether or not publishing prices, photos, descriptions, Book Now buttons, etc. makes sense.