The American Treasure Tour is a 100, 000 square foot museum featuring a collection of all things Americana including life-size clown statues, classic cars, dolls, dollhouses, as well as miniature circus and sideshow art among other eclectic items. Based in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, the museum attracts tourists and locals alike. Museum visitors have the option of purchasing general admission tickets to either go on self-guided or group tours.


The American Treasure Tour’s head of marketing used multiple digital strategies, including mass email marketing and social media campaigns, to increase their website traffic. However, they weren’t able to convert that traffic to museum visits and ticket sales. Additionally, they wanted even more tourists to visit the museum and were unsure how to attract transient visitors.

Solution: OnceConnect + Distributions

The American Treasure Tour learned about OnceThere through a distribution partnership between OnceThere and the Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board (Valley Forge TCB).

When the American Treasure Tour learned that they could both sell tickets through the Valley Forge TCB and directly through their website using OnceConnect, they decided to partner with OnceThere to do both.


The American Treasure Tour uses OnceConnect’s white label functionality to redirect their website’s visitors to their customized white label page using a targeted call-to-action link.

Using this feature allowed them to see a 40% increase in general admission ticket sales.

They’ve also noticed more visitors coming through the museum through the Valley Forge TCB.

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