The city of Denver once had an extensive electric rail transit system that served as a main form of transportation for many area residents. However, in 1950 the trolley car system was abandoned. The Denver Trolley, once a part of the trolley system, restarted operations in 1989 and has since remained the only running trolley car in the Denver area.

The Denver Trolley now provides open trolley car rides along the south platte greenway several times a day. The ride passes along many popular attractions and landmarks including the Downtown Aquarium, Mile High Stadium, and Confluence Park.


The team at the Denver Trolley wanted to increase ticket sales and tried a number of online marketing strategies to accomplish that goal. One of those methods included reselling their tickets through a national e-commerce retailer, but that retailer required that the Denver Trolley discount their tickets significantly. Although this significant discount brought them bookings, it greatly impacted their bottom line.

Solution: OnceConnect + Distribution

The Denver Trolley was introduced to OnceThere through a distribution partnership between OnceThere and Visit Denver, the Denver Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The Denver Trolley was initially interested in distributing primarily through Visit Denver, but when they learned about OnceConnect’s ability to allow them to take direct booking from their website using a customized booking button, they decided to try the tool.


Getting their volunteers and part-time staff members trained on the software was a much easier process than the team at the Denver Trolley initially excepted. Now all of their team members use OnceConnect to check customers in and add on-site bookings.

Also, by using OnceConnect on their website, they’ve been able to reduce the number of calls they receive about the trolley’s availability and increase the number of digital bookings they receive.

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