Wild Dunes, a Destination Hotel in South Carolina, welcomes visitors from around the world every year to its beautiful 1,600 acres on Isle of Palms. The resort offers diverse recreational activities as well as bicycle and beach chair & umbrella rentals to guests. Due to its beautiful natural environment and proximity to Charleston—a city with numerous activities, historical and tours—Wild Dunes also makes it easy for guests to book off-premise.


Before adopting OnceThere, Wild Dunes had no easy way to process bookings or track commissions on off-premise activities and managed on-premise activity bookings manually. In most cases, the resort called individual tour and activity operators directly to check availability and complete bookings. Wild Dunes’ reservation and concierge teams spent hours booking and reconciling transactions to account for bookings and money earned from both on- and off-premise activity referrals. In addition, Wild Dunes had to source each activity partner individually to expand the local activities it could offer its guests, taking valuable time and attention from other aspects of its operations.

As the resort offers seasonal and community events, such as book readings, running events and holiday celebrations, it needed a system to easily offer, track and reconcile these on-property hosted events.


Working with OnceThere, Wild Dunes now has an activities booking solution that plugs into its website, supports pre-arrival emails, and equips the concierge and reservation teams to instantly book activities and recreational gear. This also enables it to combine on-premise and off-premise bookings in one simple transaction. The OnceThere team also saves Wild Dunes time by sourcing local activity providers in Charleston and adding new providers as they become available. Bookings and transactional data are put into simple downloadable reports so that Wild Dunes spends less time reconciling revenues and bookings.

Wild Dunes has also been able to use OnceThere to market new community events it hosts.


Since working with OnceThere, Wild Dunes has seen a 20% increase in gross activity transaction value in addition to operational savings. Given the nature and size of the resort, 83% of its bookings come from on-premise activities and rentals that it can now track through OnceThere’s system. It continues to add more events and other rental options from its on-premise offerings to the system. The staff at Wild Dunes has seen a significant reduction in time managing both bookings as well as monthly and yearly accounting tasks.